New GPU but Any Game or App that Requires High GPU demand, stutters and Freezes. Faulty GPU?

Oct 8, 2018
Past few days since I received the graphic card in mail, I haven't been able to get it to work consistently.

At first, the screen'd stutter, freeze, go to black and come back sometimes with an error message says: "driver stopped and recovered." Most terribly, the windows sometimes didn't start. It often took over 30 seconds for the motherboard to read the card to bring up ASUS logo then after the windows logo, it sometimes took over a min to bring up the login screen if not nothing.

I tried using DDU to clean wipe and installed older Nvidia drivers as well as the newest one. Nothing had improved. I tried tweaking power management, but to no avail. I tried overclocking by choosing xmp on BIOS, and still no improvement. I tried refresh windows, and restore and nothing had worked.

Then, I changed the memory voltage from "auto" to "1.6000 v" in BIOS which made a difference but didn't fix the problem. At times, the computer started up less than a minute with no problems at all. And the computer ran like a horse. Every game ran smoothly. But at times, the computer wouldn't start up at all which led to hard power down and power on. Even if it started up after 5 min of black screen, the system freezes and stutters whenever I start a game.

I ran the windows memory test and there was no error.

The pc runs flawlessly without the GTX graphics card attached and when it's attached, the pc functions well without any Nvidia drivers installed. Nvidia 388 driver automatically installs itself to the pc if there's no active driver in the system which leads to freezing, stuttering later on when using an app or game that demands high GPU usage.

I have noticed something strange. Whenever I move the mouse cursor toward the window logo/button on the lower left, GPU clock and memory clock spike to 1900+ Mhz and 4006 Mhz, near 100% GPU usage and the screen starts to stutter and freeze. When idling and doing small tasks such writing a txt file or browsing the internet, it runs fine, but not with games or anything that requires high GPU usage.

OS: Windows 8.1 x64.
PSU: EVGA Supernova 750 Gold 80 Plus.
MB: ASUS z97 pro
Processor: Intel i7 4790k
Memory: DDR3-2133 1.50v-1.60v, 2x4GB .

I have searched everywhere I could to find a solution but nothing has helped. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thank you


Dec 21, 2016
I cant remember well if ASUS z97 pro has more than 1 PCI-E slot. I would just change places with other PCI-E Slot. If you dont have any... I would clean up the PCI-E Slot and check if the card its properly connected. If not fixed with this
I would take another card if possible and put it on the same PCI-E slot that 1070 used to be, if the older card works perfectly there you got your answer...
I dont really know if you can secure 100% that it is faulty. But at least we have to do all the possible checks to discard any possibilities.
Oct 8, 2018

Thank you for replying. There is one other PCI-E slot and they were all tried and blow cleaned. It's a replacement for my old GTX 970 which caused my PC to crash randomly and eventually died. I don't know if it's dead but the PC wouldn't start up with it attached. The VGA light was red and wouldn't go away. I tried it in both PCI-E slots. I also in BIOS switched PCI-E setting from "auto" to "gen 3" for the new graphics card, GTX 1070, but didn't seem to do anything different.