Question New GPU doesn't go below 30% fan speed on MSI AB fan curve. It's either 30%+ or 0 (MSI RTX 3070ti Gaming X Trio)


Aug 27, 2019
I've just upgraded to an MSI 3070 ti Gaming X Trio from an MSI GTX 1070 Gaming X and I'm noticing that my custom fan curve in MSI Afterburner doesn't let it stay at 0 RPM even though it's temps are below the point where the fans should start kicking in.
I've also noticed that there's a yellow dotted line along the 30% RPM mark on the graph and while using the default curve there's no gradual increase/decrease between the 0 and 30 values. The fans either stay at 0 or start directly at 30%+.


I've never had this issue with the 1070, which could just rotate even at 3 or 12% rpm values and my assumption with this new iteration was that the fans should be the same tech but better and not lack certain features. This is also the very first time I ever notice a yellow dotted line (at 30%) on the fan graph in the cooling settings. I've read somewhere that some fans can either stay at min 0% or 30% because they lack the juice for values in between, which baffles me, given that this gpu is a way newer gen tech than my previous gpu AND same manufacturer, but its like they downgraded their fan tech?

What's even more weird is that if I just keep the default fan curve it can stay at 0%. Only when applying any custom curve it's like it remains hardlocked at => 30%. And the default curve isn't that good in terms of temps, it fluctuates around 75 degrees on load with it. And even with the default curve I still don't see any values between 0 and 30, only 30+ or straight 0.

Did I miss anything after installing its gpu driver? After replacing the old card with this one, i've simply ran a custom driver installation through geforce experience and then went on to change my rgb settings through mystic light (after which I also uninstalled msi center) and then stumbled upon this issue while configuring my fan curve in MSI AB.
Was there anything else I should've done first? I think I've read somewhere that I must do something in my bios settings?
Will updating my AB and RTSS help? there a chance that my gpu fans are broken and should get replaced? (I hope not tho...)

Ask me anything for more details if needed.