New GPU for desktop/movies


Jul 26, 2009
recently i replaced my 8800gt by a 4850x2.
unfortunately, i didnt gather too mcuh information about ati (using nvidia cards forever..) and i had to notice that this pain in the ass, also referred to as "crossfirex", doesnt support dual monitor usage... so im looking for a 2nd gpu to supply my other monitor.

i did some research and found some potential cards, but im not really sure, which one i should choose

my 2nd monitor is actually just for some desktop stuff and movies, especially regarding 1080p/i movies im not sure which gpu i should pick, to support my cpu effectively.

(dont really know powercolor, seems to be oc'd and they are the only ones i can order without paying shipment)
1. hd 4550 , 512 gddr3 @ 38,17€
2. hd 3650 pcs , 512 gddr3 @ 40,11€
3. hd 4650 , 512 ddr2 @ 44,95€

most important features should be a quiet fan, low needed energy supply and also low temperatures, since theres just 1 free slot between the mysterious new card and my x2... this is also the reason im looking for a actively cooled variant... plz put me right if im wrong with this :p

system is:
intel qx6700
asus p5q pro
corsair 650
4gb ddr2