Question New GPU, no display and fans don't spin.

May 23, 2022
CPU: i7 6700k
PSU: EVGA 850 Gold
OS: Windows 64b on M.2
Mobo: ASRock Z170 k6+
Ram: 2x G Skillz 8GB 3200

Issue: Got my new GPU (RTX 3080) to replace my 970, tried to install it. Got no display and no fans to spin, but the GPU lights turn on and my computer seems to continue to boot as I can type my password in, and get to my desktop "screen" (although I can't actually see anything). I only know that my computer actually still boots because I can hear the normal startup noises through my speakers.
When I connect the old 970 back in, it continues to work. Had a buddy plug my new 3080 in his computer and it booted on his system (he has newer hardware in his computer).

Troubleshooting: I feel like I've tried almost everything, except updating my bios, using different PSU cables, and actually taking apart the GPU and inspecting it.
Cleared CMOS multiple times
removed the CMOS battery
uninstalled intel and nvidia display drivers
disabled integrated graphics
booting in safe mode
tried different PSU cable configurations
messed with bios to enable PCI 3.0 in the PCIx16
tried a PCIE riser
kept the GPU in but booted off the integrated graphics and the GPU was not being detected (which is probably why the computer still boots-up like previously mentioned).
I was gonna try one of the other PCI-E slots but couldn't because of GPU clearance in my case
Haven't been able to deconflict with Dr. debug because the display on my mobo seems to have some LEDs out

I've basically given up at this point, on the verge of completely upgrading all my hardware, because I'm convinced it's either a mobo or ram issue (ram also is only able to be used in single channel) the sticks need to be placed in A1 and A2 in order to boot. Which may be another cause of this issue I'm running into. Anyways, thanks for any and all input!