Question New GPU not getting power...maybe?

Jul 1, 2020
A few weeks ago I got "no signal" message when I booted up. Thinking it was just a wire or something, i quickly checked all the usual suspects and got nothing. swapped monitors, cables, ports, and eventually slots....still nothing. Only thing I could think of was I fried my GPU somehow, so today I went out and bought a new one. Installed it and tried to boot up, but still getting the no signal message. Did all the same checks until I opened it up to check, and noticed the fans on the new gpu were not spinning! Again I tried a few different slots and still nothing. I plugged in the old GPU and it's fans spun but still no signal message. At this point im thinkin I either got a fault card, or something else is goin wrong....reddit help me....


MotherBoard: asus crosshair v formula-z

GPU: Geforce GTX 1070 Armor 8g (old) AMD Radeon RX 5600 XT 6g (new)

Ram: Corsair Vengeance ddr3 8g + HyperX Fury ddr3 8g

Power Supply: Corsair CS850M

I forget my CPU but its AMD, bit older

Monitor: benq XL2411P


Jul 17, 2015
Hmm, sounds interesting. Did you make sure none of your other parts are affected? Mobo still running, no faulty ram?

I had sorta the same issue as you have right now. My monitor wasn't showing any signal even after buying a new GPU, whilst everything else was still working. After a month of not knowing what to do I decided to remove the RAM sticks and use a microfiber cloth to clean the gold pins on the bottom. I cleaned the golden pins very lightly don't use to much pressure. I put them back and my PC finally booted and went to the windows lock screen.

If the above fix doesn't work let me know.