Question New gpu or cpu

Sep 20, 2020
Hi folks,

Common question for the interwebs but one I'm facing with the coming set of sales and new releases of hardware. A new rig upgrade is in my future at some point but I tend to use equipment until it not longer serves my needs. I'd like to run my computer at more than 60 fms as a gamer but my gpu is incapable of it. I'd like to wait for my big leapfrog of a new rig in a year or two but I'm looking for a holdover upgrade.

This is my entertainment rig and is largely used for gaming as well as light photo and video editing. I've hit a ceiling with some new games released where I can no longer run on ultra and a couple times I've had crashes due to vram depletion. So, what's my best way to squeeze performance from this pc? Am I going to be forced to upgrade my CPU as well?

i7-4770k 3.5 ghz
16 gb RAM
Asus Pro something motherboard
GTX780 Ti. 3 gb
Windows 10-64

I was considering the 1660 Ti or Super with 6 gb which sits in the $215-260 range which may well dip for the late november sales and roll out of the 30 series.

Hey there,

IMO, I'd just go with a GPU upgrade, Your system as is, is still relevant today for most gaming. There are some titles that will push the CPU. So in this case the 1660ti or Super will give you an uplift, with hardly any bottleneck. Maybe the odd game, like BF V or newer, can benefit from more cores/threads, so you should still have a good experience. The increase in performance will vary from game to game, but you expect a reasonable boost over the 780ti.
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