New GPU > recently tested > Turn Off> Turn On > No signal

Jul 21, 2018
Win10 Pro, latest update as of yesterday.
MSI B350 TOMAHAWK AM4, latest BIOS as of yesterday.
R5 1600, not overclocked
2x8GB Teamforce Vulkan DDR4 2400 at 2666
Crucial mx300 for boot drive.
EVGA G3 750W psu.

I would appreciate if someone could offer some advice for my issue.

I built this computer about 4 months ago. I initially used an EVGA 710 as a basic display adapter, and been waiting since then for a new gpu.
Yesterday I got my 1070 Ti.

I went into windows, uninstalled all the gpu drivers, GeForce experience and Nvidia audio driver. Now the resolution is like 800x400

I turn of the computer, disconnect psu, and flush the power by holding the Power button for 5 seconds.

I take out the 710, install the 1070 Ti, connect the power cable from the VGA 1 port on my psu, and connect it to the 2x 6+2 port on the card. I used the cable that ends on 2x 6+2 connectors.

I power on the computer, install all drivers from GeForce experience, and happily play games for 3 hours without any issues.

I turn off the computer (I did hold down shift while clicking on turn off, because I prefer a fresh start instead of a fast-boot turn on) and go to sleep.

Today I come back home, turn the computer back on.

The monitor displays "No signal"

So far I've

Used the 1070 Ti on the other PCI e slot.
Used the 710 on the PCIe 3.0 slot
used the 710 on the PCIe 2.0 slot
Used other hdmi cables.
cleared cmos by taking out the battery and holding the power button for 10 seconds
checked for a bad ram slot with both ram sticks
Right now I'm rebuilding the computer to do cable management and double check loose connections.
The fan on the 710 does turn on when the card is installed in any slot.
The light on the 1070 Ti does turn on, but the fans don't. I didn't check if the fans turned on yesterday (too excited for jumping to 1440p after years of gaming on potatoes)

The computer stays on the whole time, but nothing gets to the monitor.

Does anyone have more ideas I could try?

OCD Tweaker

Aug 19, 2015
the fans on the 1070 don't spin until the temps get over 40c on the card

i would also try doing a fresh install of the drivers

have you made sure the on-board graphics setting is disabled in the bios?

Jul 21, 2018
That's also the issue. I cannot get into the Bios because I'm using an R5 1600.

After a couple hours of triple checking cables I've narrowed it down to the cpu. The card does turn on during post, and while my keyboard does not light on it does try to light whenever I press a key.

I will double check the cpu and see what I can do from there.

I say that it's the cpu because after clearing cmos by shorting pins the light on the motherboard for cpu problems lights on. I don't remember if it was on to begin with, but it's what I have for now.

Let's see what happens