Question New GPU (RTX 2080TI) underperforming


Dec 17, 2013
hi so ive just got my new MSI ventus RTX 2080TI and it really seems to be underperforming in comparison to all the youtube videos with the same specs.
i just tried call of duty BO4 and the from rates were high but its cod thats to be expected tbh, but there was alot of fluctuating with random drops into the 90s but for the most part held up around 130-150 fps which is good. then i tried battlefield 5 and this is where all the problems start to show. on my last gpu the GTX 1080 id get a pretty steady 70-90 fps on the rtx 2080ti im now going from 60fps - 120fps sometimes ill spike at 130. but my frame rates are allllllllll over the place it cant hold a decent framerate this is making aiming a nightmare and it feels just iffy to play. ive tried messing about with my settings and nothings working. ive watched videos with my specs being played on the same game and they never drop past 130 fps so what the hell is going on with my system.

Now could is have been how ive installed the GPU, while my old GPU was in i ran a software that wipes anything to do with my 1080 off the pc, then i put my 2080TI in my build and installed all the drivers and software. not sure if i should have comepletely wipes my pc to factory settings but i found this on a video and followed it. if theres something wrong there thats causing this then let me know.

my specs are:
RTX 2080TI
INTEL I7 7700K
16GB DDR4 ram
corsair cm750w
Aug 16, 2019
I also recently got a Msi Ventus 2080 Ti expecting the closest to the YouTube benchmarks and mine is clearly underperforming.

I’m playing in 1440p and as I said, I’m comparing what I got with the benchmarks we all see in videos.

YouTube shows about 130-140 fps in Rise of the Tomb Raider with “all Max settings” in my resolution and I am getting 70-90. Sometimes 100.

I have no idea what am I doing wrong. I have a i7-9700K and 16GB ram 3000mhz.