Aug 3, 2020
So today I installed my msi rtx 2060 ventus xs alongside my new psu, which is a corsair cx 550. I also recently got a 144hz monitor from LG, on the lower end of 144hz as it was bargain for 144hz. My other specs are as follows:

Cpu- i7-4790k not over clocked

16gb ram 1333hz ddr3

120gb ssd

1tb hard drive

So I thought I'd try out bf1 as a benchmark sort of and the fps fluctuates a lot. Granted the last time I tried it was on ultra but to start with I put it on low and the fluctuations are even worse. It'll go from 50-80fps to having big dips to 10-30fps, before I played with a 1050ti on a monitor from 2007 which wasn't anything special and wasn't HD and it always ran at a solid 60-90 fps.

I've been reading everywhere on the internet and already uninstalled all the old drivers with DDU and reinstalled current drivers onto my gpu. I had a look at the usage of both the cpu and gpu, with the cpu getting around 50-65, while the gpu got around 80-100. So it could be bottlenecking I'm not too sure. Any help would be appreciated.

Edit: sometimes cpu and gpu usage would be pretty much the same but also fairly high when I was playing bf1.
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