new graph card


Mar 8, 2004
hi all , my geforce 4 ti 4800 died yesterday somehow and i aint gonna bother to get it repaired , instead my mum gave me alot of cash for a new graph card (which is kinda weird ^^). anyway , i decided to go asus , but i donnu what im gonna choose

either i want to have this 1 :

or :

atm i have a 1.6 ghz cpu (soon 3 ghz) , 1024 ddr ram , asus a7n8x deluxe motherboard.

i heard that ati radeon cards are instable and act weird sometimes , heard that they have bad drivers and so on. i want to be able to play games such as doom 3 or halflife 2 with a smooth fps , but i guess that both cards would provide , want something that will make games look good at 1024*768 + but still have a good fps

anyway , i know a good computer store , they sell both cards for the same price , any1 could help me by recommending any of these 2 cards ?



Ati drivers are just fine. Anything else you've heard is old-school propeganda.

The 9800XT is the better card, more powerful antialiassing and hardware shaders.

But if you're going to buy top-of-the-line, you might want to wait a couple months, because the next-gen cards are being released soon and nobody knows which of the new cards will be better...

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Jan 27, 2004
Like Cleeve said if you want a high-end and you have the money for it wait a bit and see the newcomers. If the upgrade is urgent I sugest a 9800 Pro 128. Extremelly eficient, head to head with the best cards, and the price is very good. Try Saphyre. Asus ones hare very good but more expencive. The things you heard about Ati aren't true at all. In fact the table is turned, and the FX family should be the target of that kind of crap!

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