New Graphic Card Problem. Please Help Me


Apr 16, 2016
1.My Gtx 550ti gpu died few days ago..Yesterday i just bought a new Asus R7 370, the first thing i did was placing the gpu and turn my computer where vga cable still connected to my integrated, i unistall the previous Nvidia display driver using control panel remove programs and without reboot i install the new amd driver using cd provided in the box..when i shut down and plug the vga on the dvi to vga converter the system boot with vertical i figured i need to try the clean unistall using guru Driver Sweeper...i run the software and choose the Reboot In Safe Mode option using iGPU and when the windows restart it also produce vertical lines on my iGPU and the R7 370 gpu fan also not spinning..

2. When i try to boot my pc using iGPU with 6pin connected to the r7 system wont load up unless i remove the 6pin from the this normal?..

Spec :
Processor i5-4440
Mobo Asus H81M-D
GPU Asus STRIX R7 370 OC
RAM Kingston 4GB + Corsair 2GB(Both 1330Mhz)
PSU Coolermaster GX650W

I really apreciate anyone who are willing to help and im sory my question is too long..PLEASE HELP ME, IM ABOUT TO HANG MYSELF NOW..

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