New graphics card and PSU

Aug 11, 2018
I'm considering to buy a GTX 1080 ti, and since my PSU is not good enough (Enermax Maxpro 700W 80+). I guess it's because it's only 80+ and not 80+ bronze, silver etc. I was wondering if I upgrade my PSU to an Enermax Revolution DUO 700W ATX, which is 80+ gold, is there anything I have to look out for? Do the cables match? I would love if you recommended a PSU :) I upgraded my pc a few months ago where I upgraded my fans, CPU, motherboard and RAM. I'm just not sure since the rest of the hardware in the pc is from 2014(PSU, case, storage and SSD). I've used PC part picker a lot and can't find my storage, SSD and PSU since I guess it's outdated. I can find the new PSU but it's only 600W and I guess it doesn't matter since it's the same PSU. I'm new to PC hardware. Thanks for the help :)