New Graphics Card! Dell Studio 540



Hello I have a Dell Studio 540 Mini/Mid Tower. Although this is a new Desktop but I have graphics issues running the newer games, so I decided to upgrade my graphics card. I currently have a Dell 350W supply and I want to upgrade my GPU to the GTS240. According to dell website, you can add a GTS240 1024mb GDDR3 or a 9800GT to the Dell studio desktop now. Please tell me if the two video cards are compatible because the power requirements for both cards are 400W+. And if I were to replace it myself, will I break the warranty?

PC Specs
Q8200 2.33ghz
HD4670 512MB DDR3
The GTS240 is a 9800GT. At that price though you should think about spending just a little more and going with a Radeon 4770 as it uses less power than a 9800GT. While a 4850 is a good option for the price it uses more power and thus may not be a good choice for your system.