Question New graphics card - No signal to monitor

Jul 15, 2019
Hi all,

I recently attempted to upgrade the graphics card on an older system of mine from an NVIDIA GTX 260 to a GTX 1050. On installing the 1050 the card's fans would spin and the PC appears to boot successfully because I can hear the windows welcome tone through my speakers. I can't however get any signal to the monitor - it's a black screen the entire time (tried multiple monitors and both DVI and HDMI connectors to no avail).

After troubleshooting this a bit on google I assumed the card was likely a dud or that perhaps my system was too old to support it. I then ordered a second hand ASUS GTX 560 TI which is the exact card I used to have for this system (before it failed and I installed the GTX 260) and I got exactly the same issue with it that I got with the 1050! The 260 continues to work properly but despite trying a lot of stuff I've never been able to get signal to the monitor using either of the other two.

Interestingly if I start up using the onboard graphics with either of these cards installed, they don't appear in device manager unlike the 260 which does.

I've just about run out of ideas so thought I'd ask you kind folks before giving up completely - Any ideas very much appreciated!

Things I've tried so far:

-Uninstalling drivers for the 260
-Resetting the BIOS
-Updating the BIOS
-Disabling the on-board graphics in both device manager and the BIOS
-Pressing and holding the power for 1 minute with no power cable inserted into the PSU
-Removing the battery on the motherboard for 30 minutes with no power cable inserted to the PSU and then replacing the battery.
  • Checked for loose power connections, cleaned all applicable connectors.
  • Made sure that any 6 pin external power connectors required were plugged in at all times
System specs:

Motherboard: pegatron 2ab6
CPU: Intel Core i5 2310
(More info on these

PSU: Corsair CX 600M
RAM: Hyperx 8GB
SSD: Samsung 840 EVO
Secondary HD: WD Blue 1TB

Thanks a lot,