New graphics card problems :/

May 18, 2018
Hi guys i buy new graphics card HD 7750 MSI OC V2. so i put in pcie slot and start windows but when i start gta v and start moving i got blue screen , sometimes when i open opera i got blue screen , so i reinstall windows , with fresh windows i try newest drivers but they give me blue screen and sometimes black screen and after 3-4seconds screen come back and say amd display driver stopped responding and has recovered. With newest drivers when windows start i got message vcruntime140.dll mising , something like that. I try with old drivers and i fix blue screen and vcruntime problem , but sometimes again happen this : amd display driver stopped responding and has recovered,so i try other old driver , and they was good but sometimes they frezze screen for 1-2seconds and i got black screen on 1-2seconds and then its back , like when i go to csgo and click to play then that happen. Its really annoying. Some people tell me the problem is drivers but i cant find solution... Maybe i need to update bios? bcs old mobo. And i use chinese dviToVga adapter , maybe that is the problem. Or graphics card , but when i start gpu strees for 2minutes ,i dont get blue screen i really dont know what to do , seller say the graphics card working 100%

My Computer :

CPU : Q6600 2.4ghz
Mobo : gigabyte p43-es3g
hdd : 160gb
graphics card : hd 7750 msi oc v2
PSU : Coolermaster 350w ( i think its fine for this card )

i use DviToVGA adapter...

p.s sorry for my bad english :/


You can't test anything using an adapter since you will never know if it's the adapter or the card. Plug in a monitor directly to the video card using it's native connections. Aside from that good testing practice, the issue you see with the driver issue is not likely due to having an adapter but more likely a bad video card.

Second thing, is this a "new" card or used? Try checking for a newer BIOS for your motherboard.



Both those cards should run fine on that power supply, but it may be going bad. Was this R7 250 also used? Did you see it running before you bought it?


Aug 26, 2017
Just want to mention stress testing for 2 min won't show you if card is bad or not.Like was mentioned test it in another system if possible and run something like unigine heaven benchmark and see if it gives error's.

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