Question New Graphics card with old monitors

Feb 21, 2020

My current PC is from 2007 (!!!) and even though I have upgraded almost all the components in the PC along the way, I have decided to buy a new PC now.
I´m already quite sure what components, motherboard / chipset etc. I am going to choose for my new PC.

As of now it is my plan to get a GTX1660 graphics card for the new PC. I am not a hardcore gamer, but on my old PC - from time to time - I played some of my old games. It would be nice if I could also play some of the newer games on my new PC too. From time to time I am also streaming movies (of course legally!!) and watching movies on my PC.

Here´s my question:
Along with my old PC I currently have a 2-monitor setup with two quite old DELL 2209WA monitors. I know that these monitors are quite old and not anywhere near standards of today, but when they came on the market years ago, they were actually very good monitors for that time, and not cheap. The monitors only have DVI-D and VGA input.

I know that with those 2 old Dell-monitors I probably won´t be able to get the "full profit" from the GTX1660 as of now. But on the other hand I also feel that it is kind of a waste to scrap two good and still functioning monitors. In addition I would like to avoid that I also have to invest in new monitors at the moment. Maybe though 1-2 years from now I will buy new monitors.

I have been looking at a GTX1660 GPU from MSI that has 1 x HDMI and 3 x Display port. Logically that is a challenge with my two Dell´s that only have DVI-D and VGA.

Being aware - like I said - that I won´t get full profit from the new GPU with the old monitors - would two passive "DisplayPort to DVI-D"-adapters be a solution for me? Would those adapters also work with my old monitors? Is there a great loss of the video quality with those adapters - and like I said, I know I won´t get the full profilt from the GTX1660 anyway with old monitors, so maybe a quality-loss from the adapters is not that important.

Maybe a GTX1660 GPU at the moment seems to be "overkill" with those old monitors, but then again I don´t want to have to make another big investment in hardware (in a new GPU) in 1-2 years from now, if I choose to buy new monitors in 1-2 years.

Any input from you is deeply appreciated! Thanks in advance!