Question New graphics card won't let me load onto windows

Jun 12, 2021
I recently upgraded from the rx 580 to the rx 6700xt. Upon plugging the new card in I get my bios symbol and a windows loading bar that doesn't progress at all. I can manage to get into the bios menu though, and there I find that there's no drives in the boot menu. The drives are being recognized by my computer, but they don't show up so it just doesn't load onto windows. I tried my 580 again and it works fine.
Here's what I have found troubleshooting:
The power supply is not an issue, I have a 650w power supply and I tried an 800w power supply and I have the same issue.
If I turn my computer off at the psu switch, unplug and plug the power supply connector, then turn the computer on again, it lets me onto windows. So I tried installing drivers. I get error 182 because the card just isn't being recognized by my computer. If I check the graphics section on speccy, it just shows up as the monitor I have. So yeah it doesn't work. Any tips?