New Graphics Card...


Aug 19, 2003
I have both a Leadtek GF4 MX460 and a GF3 TI200, and I need a new, better graphics card. I´ve seen the GeForce FX 5200 GO on my dads notebook, also running Windows XP, and was very impressed. I don´t know wether it´s the FX GPU or the P4 2.6GHz in there, but it was much faster in games than my system. I´m not looking for the fastest card in the world, but a good price/performance deal. Any suggestions, should I go for a mid-range GeForce FX or Radeon 9500/9600, or something completely different?

Maybe even a GF4 TI4600 they´re very cheap, are they any good compared to the others?

My System:

2.0GHz T-Bred
AGP 8X mainboard
512MB DDR333
Windows XP PRO

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Mar 20, 2002
radeon 9200se 128mb ddr £44.50
geforce fx5200 64mb ddr £45.00
both are excellent cards on a budget
or look at the 9600pro or 5600ultra cards. cost more but perform better.
best advice iss to read the reviews then look at the prices. pick the card which gives you best performance for your money. nvidia are slightly faster but ati has superior image quality... take your pick really


Mar 30, 2003
I'd say the best bet for under $100 would be a GF4 Ti4200. But that wouldn't be a worthwile $80 from an MX460. Also, DO NOT buy a Ti4600. It costs nearly $200. A $200 9700np would beat a 4600 senseless. The 9700 is the best overall deal currently on the market. Here are the best values and their prices.

$80 Ti4200
$140 Radeon 9600 Pro
$200 Radeon 9700
$230 Radeon 9800
$320 Radeon 9800 Pro 128
$450 Radeon 9800 Pro 256/FX5900Ultra

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