Question New graphicscard now some things dont work

Apr 2, 2020
Hello, i just got a new graphicscard ( Gigabyte geforce gtx 2060 super ) the older one was the geforce gtx 970 ti. I wanted to get a new one because yeah the other one is pretty old. Now to my problem, after installing the graphicscard everything was looking fine but i found some problems when i was trying to play games on the epicgameslauncher, the games and the launcher were running at a 100 % cpu usage and made my pc lag. I do not know how but after a day everything worked fine again. But now i have the problem that specific games on my pc dont work, when i play doom eternal on highest settings i get about 70-90 fps but when i open minecraft on low settings i get 15 fps. The same goes for subnautica and GTA V they also run at about 15 fps.
Does anybody know why these specific games dont work ? Its just my fps i think because cpu and everything is fine when i look at it.
I also tried to search for problems with the games themself but didnt find any also tried steam verify but also didnt work.
Second problem: My pc audio sometimes disappears and i have to restart, happens rarely but still is annoying. I also have a speaker but it sometimes disappears and im unable to use it then.

Thanks in advance !

some of my pc specs:
Intel core : i7 7700k @ 4.20 GHz
Graphicscard: Gigabyte geforce gtx 2060 super
16 gb ram
motherboard : z170I pro gaming
I think thats everything important.
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