New Gtx 1070 - No vga detected

Aug 31, 2018
I got a new gpu (Asus Dual Gtx 1070 8gb), new Ram (HyperX Fury 2x8gb) and a new psu (Evga 600w 80+). My other parts are:
Motherboard - Asus P8Z77-V lx
Cpu - Intel i5-3570k
Storage - 128gb SSD and 2 HDDs

I deinstalled my old graphics driver and used amd cleanup utiliy afterwards to make sure i got rid of the drivers. After I put all the new parts in I tried to start the PC got 1 short beep instantly, the gpu fans started spinning, then after a few seconds i got 1 long and 3 short beeps (motherboard manual said that means "no vga detected") and the gpu fans stopped. My screen remains black the whole time.

Things I tried:
- reseating gpu
- using different ram slots or only 1 ram stick
- removing cmos battery for a few minutes
- resetting cmos via jumper (and of course putting it back afterwards)
- removing both hdds and everything external except for mouse and keyboard
- using integrated graphics without gtx 1070, pc started normally
- using old gpu (msi r9 270x hawk), pc started normally
- using old psu (bequiet pure power 530w)
- using hdmi and dvi connection
- using different 8pin connectors with both psus

Because it worked with my old gpu and without gpu i think it has to do with the gtx 1070 and not with my new ram, but im not sure. The 1070 is perfectly new and arrived today. I also updated my bios about a year ago and its still the newest version. And yes I always put in the 8pin pcie connector from the psu into the graphics card. Both psus should be powerfull enough becauses asus recommends a 500w psu for the 1070. I dont know what else I can do

I would appreciate any help and can give more information if needed. Thanks in advance
How are you hooking up the GPU to your monitor? If you're using one of those simple HDMI to VGA adapters, it's not going to work. New GPUs, such as the GTX1xxx series do not output an analog/VGA signal. You need an "active" adapter, something like this:

An even better solution would be to get an up-to-date monitor that can take advantage of your new GPU. Either 1080p or 1440p resolution with 144Hz refresh and a Displayport input.
Aug 31, 2018
I have a few years old bequiet pure power 530w psu with maximum 35a for the 12v cables and a completely fresh Evga 600w 80+ psu with maximum 49a for the 12v cables

Also both psus are not modular

Im connecting my monitor either directly with a hdmi cable or dvi cable, no adapters at all