Question New Gtx 1070ti Fan Problem


Oct 12, 2017
Hello! My friend gave me his old gtx 1070ti because he upgraded. He's not technology advanced, so im concerned. These fans on this gpu arent spinning. there was 0 dust around the gpu and even in it. I HIGHLY think these fans NEVER worked even when he had them. he always had his games skipping massively thats why he upgraded. but now that i think about it, I think they skipped because the gpu was never cooled... so anyway, this is a MASSIVE upgrade from what I have now. And i plugged it in, no fans spinning, used afterburner to crank fans to 100%, still no spinning. I even played a game and watched the temp get to 94. SO, i reseated the fan ports and all, still nothing. Considering this doesnt have a warranty, Is it cost effective to get it fixed? Where can i send it to get it fixed? I dont think its the fans, but the ports themselves. Thanks for the info in advanced!