New GTX580, Weird graphics bugs.

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Sep 25, 2010
Hey there.
Just upgraded my graphics card to a Palit GTX580 3GB, from my XFX Radeon HD5870.
My other specs are as follows:
CPU: AMD Phenom II X6 1090T (default clocking)
RAM: OCZ Black Edition DDR3
Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-890FXA-UD7
PSU: Gigabyte ODIN GT 800W
2x 1TB HDDs @ 7200rpm
That should be all spec info needed.

Anyways, I never had a single issue with my 5870. Got my new GTX580 and couldn't wait to throw it in and give it a bootful.
Unistalled the AMD drivers, downloaded the latest nVidia drivers (which are 275.33 currently). Installed the drivers fine, began gaming!
Brink runs excellently, no issues at all. Same goes for Witcher 2 (now on Ultra Spec! VERY happy!). Play some StarCraft 2, and after a couple of matches my HUD starts to flash in kinda rainbow colours. Yellow, Magenta, Cyan and white all flashing the bottom half of the game's UI like it's a virtual rave. Noted this, and went on to test other games. Crysis Warhead was fine after a good half hour of play. As was Call of Duty 4, Minecraft (lol). Battlefield: Bad Company 2, on the other hand, brings back the issue. The sky begins doing the colour flickering, and if it's not doing that the entire screen has just super quick flashes of black (like, super quick flash). I turn the AA and filtering down to the lowest of the low, relaunch the game and go to test it again. Same deal.

Before reinstalling drivers, thought i'd give a quick Googling. Seems this guy had the same issue;

So my obvious next step was reinstalling drivers and give it a go, but proved no success. Rolled back to the most recent non-beta drivers before 275.33, which is 270.61, launched up Bad Company 2 still with the AA and filtering on the minimum, and received an even worse result as i've recorded here;

So i'm rather stumped, now.

However I am speculating that the Power supply simply cannot cut it. The card requires I believe 650W power, but there's something to do with the rails that don't go to well with modern day graphics cards, my mate was saying. I'm leaning towards that, as well.

I would have put in my 5870 again if I hadn't sold it almost instantly to a mate, to test if it's the card or somehow the motherboard or something else has stuffed up at a super inconvenient and asshole-ish time.

Cheers lads, i'll be stuck here waiting for some help!


Sep 5, 2011
I just wanna know ur graphic problem that u shared in youtube link were solved? What was the root cause? PSU fail or graphic card overheat? For me,I didn't overclock , just my casing abit cramp too small that fit just with no space. That's what I m afraid of. My PSU I'd 700W, I guess too hot so I turned off for a day. System start to get real slow, so I did a scan disk n still waiting. If any issues will post.
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