Question New hard drive keeps shutting down


Jul 2, 2015
I know it might sound stupid to buy HDD right now while SSD are pretty cheap, but i really need large storage because my booting is quick enough.

Anyway, i wanted to ask for your help on my new hard drive, it's a new WD Caviar Blue, so i just plug in Sata cable as usual, and at first it was just like usual, initialize it through Disk Management, set it to gpt, format, everything i would do to a brand new hard drive.

Weird thing is, i tried moving my data there as a backup, and it went smoothly 72mbps as usual, but then at about 2% it just goes stuck, speed lowering, i thought "eh, maybe just my programs bugging again" and it works again up until 3% where it just stopped there, no progress.

I tried canceling it, and suddenly "cannot find Drive (E:)"

I rebooted the pc, tried reinstalling something, it just goes until 1,8% and it goes dead again.

The pattern continues, do a write, after a few progress, it just died.
All i noticed was before it went dead, sometimes there's a click, or a beep? I don't know, sorry.

So, do anyone here can help me?