Question New Hard Drive No BIOS

Jun 6, 2021
I have an Dell Insipron 660s, i3-3240 CPU, 3.40 GHz with 1 TD WD Blue Hard Drive. I just wanted to wipe the Hard Drive and hand this Computer off to the Grand Kids to use for whatever. It came with Windows 8 pre-installed, was upgraded to Windows 10 64 bit, and upgraded to 8 GB RAM. My last Windows update: 1709 would not install, and has never installed, always an error message that was never the same twice. Although it ran it was always too slow so I have since upgraded (NOT A DELL) and put it aside, now I'd like to fix this problem if for nothing else my pride. I have removed everything from the computer, even the MB and reinstalled, no luck, I should also mention that no matter what I do I can never enter the BIOS, I have read a million forums and tried countless fixes, nothing works. So I could never wipe the operating system and start fresh or reinstall, have tried over a 100 times, goes through all the motions then tells me nothing was changed, reinstall or wipe system Fails. I next tried a new HD, same one that is in the current machine, WD 1.0 TB SATA/64MB Cache. The computer powers up the Fan runs and the HD spins, and also the DVD player but the screen is black, after a while the spinning stops but the fan still runs, if I press cnt/alt/dele the drives start up again but still a black screen. After several tries I decided to reinstall the old HD and everything works, everything is there, but it still wont let me in BIOS, or uninstall/reinstall Window 10. Anybody have any thoughts?


Welcome to the forums, newcomer!

You're advised to fabricate your bootable USB installer for Windows 10 using Windows Media Creation Tools and a 16GB pen drive. Make and model of your PSU in the prebuilt? If you can't tell, a picture of the sticker on the side of the PSU will help us. Also, how old do you reckon the PSU is in the build?

You might want to also see if the prebuilt has any BIOS updates pending.