[SOLVED] New hard drive not showing up in Bios and old hard drive disappeared.

Dec 24, 2019
While installing a new SSD we had to move some cables around to make sure all of the drives (One, 256 Gb SSD, a 2Tb Platter drive, and the new 2Tb SSD), were connected properly. Once everything was in place we started the PC up and only the 256Gb SSD with the OS installed appeared not only on the windows 10 device manager but the Bios too. We tested all the cables and ports to make sure none of those were damaged and we still have only the OS SSD working. The Bios is up to date too. I have a Z170N Gigabyte Motherboard.

Having tested all the cables and ports using the working drive, how can I test my 2 missing drives?

It seems odd that the HDD used to work, but changing the bay damaged it and that the new SSD arrived damaged, so I'm thinking something else is going on here. Is it possible the size of these drives is an issue due to some change in the BIOS or something?
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