New harddrive problems

Brittbrat 456

Feb 28, 2017
My old hard drive on my hp probook 4530s crashed completely, so I kept getting a message saying no operating system, so i installed windows 7 with a new hard drive, but after all that "fun" i could tell i was still missing a few things like the network drive, (i installed from Microsoft) and idk what else i need. When i try to download games i get a error message saying i dont have a video card or drive, and another error message saying that my internet browser is out of date, will updating to windows 8 come with all the drives im missing? Please help ive been trying to figure this for for 2 days..


Mar 1, 2017
DRIVER, not drive.

You're talking about a lot of very random things without much information, we don't know where those errors are coming from.

But if this is really is about driver issues, Windows 7 and above are really good at such things. All you need is your internet working and you can run Windows update. You may want to check its settings to make sure its allowed to download any driver software needed.

Assuming the computer did go through installing a bunch of driver, make sure to restart even if you weren't told to.

Then go to device manager and look for any red Xs or yellow exclamation signs. Device Manger is in the Control Panel, or just hit your start button and start typing ""Device Manager" to search for it. If you see no symbols and only a plain list of stuff no open sub-levels, then everything is OK. If something is wrong, you'll see a level opened, and one of the symbols I said. Right click it, click update driver software, and see if it gets fixed. If not, hopefully it's not a major thing, but come back if you want to be sure.