New HDD not showing up in My Computer

Sep 27, 2018
So I just built a new computer about a month ago. I have my old HDD installed in there so i can transfer files over easily to the new HDD, as well as an SSD that's set as the boot drive.

The new hard drive shows up in Device Management and in the BIOS, and it shows up in the bottom list of Disk Management where it lists Disk 0/1/2, but it does not show up in the top part where you can actually do something with the drives (see picture - the 2TB hard drive is the one that I can't access).

I'm new to actually managing a built computer myself, so if there's a simple fix for this, ELI5 please.

Edit to add: Yes, I have tried using a different SATA port on mobo as well as different SATA cables. I also renamed the old HDD in the hopes of getting it to show up, but if renaming the SSD is what I have to do, I need to know if there's a way to avoid every single program from getting its path screwed up.


the black disk 1 at the top, need to be partitioned and formatted before it can get a drive letter and be accessible as storage.

right click on the word unallocated or anywhere in that white box. click on New simple volume. you said this is just for storage right? simple it is then. follow the wizard through and at the end you will have a working HDD.