Question New HDD strange noise on shutdown


Jan 1, 2020
I just installed a new 6tb WD blue HDD in my desktop, and it’s making more noise on boot/shutdown than I would have expected. The boot up noise just sounds like platters spinning up, but is much louder than the 2tb Seagate I already had installed. What’s worrying me is that the noise it makes on shutdown doesn’t really sound like the “hard clicks” described in their support article on noise. It just makes this sound like something is actively being pressed onto the platters. I bought it specifically as a reserve backup drive and not for regular use, so if I fill it up with a bunch of files and then the motor wears out or it scratches over time, it will have been a complete waste and I might lose the data entirely.

I was hoping someone who has owned a drive of this capacity or model before could tell me if it sounds normal or not. As I mentioned, the 2tb barracuda I have has never made noise like this in nearly two years. The WD diagnostic software returns no errors, and though I haven't copied much over to it yet, I don't hear any clicks or any other noise while the PC is running. I was just hoping for some reassurance before I rely on it for backing up data in the long term as I can't afford anything to mirror it to for a while and am wondering if I should return it while I can and get a different model.


Apr 19, 2021
I guess that it's normal as the drive's design changed over the time.

Last year I bought a 1TB Seagate drive which makes a strange sound every time it starts, it's not the platters spinning, but it's like the sound of something engaging/disengaging mechanically. I thought it's because the drive is new so I leave it as is.

A year later the drive still makes the same sound every time it starts.