Question New headphones sound different through the display's audio output


Sep 8, 2019
Hi. I use displayport for my desktop PC's display. Also I plug my headphones into the display. So when I want to use headphones, I switch the Windows' sound output from "Speakers (High Definition Audio Device)" to "5 - 27GL850 (2- AMD High Definition Audio Device)".

I recently got new headphones, used them for a month with my smartphone and a laptop, so I know the new headphones' sound characteristics well. When I finally got a chance to use them with the desktop PC, I plugged them into the display like I used to do with my older headphones. But the new ones sound different through the display. They lack bass frequencies. Just to me sure it was not a problem with the headphones, I plugged them directly into the motherboard, and they sounded fine - like they also still do with my smartphone.

Before I first plugged them into the display, I had installed AMD's lates drivers for the craphics card. Can that be the problem, or is it something with the headphones? I use Windows 10 Pro. My display is an LG 27GL850, and the headphones are Audio Technica m40x. Thanks in advance.

Windows's sound settings show one output named "5 - 27GL850 2- AMD High Definition Audio Device", 5 digital outputs - each of them named the same "2- AMD High Definition Audio Device", 1 speakers output (default), and 1 headphones output.
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