Question New help with restarting computer

Mar 18, 2021
So I have have seen many posts on many forums about this but I feel like they aren't exactly what's going on with mine (even watched jaystwocents vid on it).

So new build:
R9 3900X
Gigabyte 2080 super (gv-n208swf3oc-8gd)
ASRock x-570 phantom gaming 4 MOBO
G.Skill Trident Z neo 16gb
Seasonic 850w Focus plus
And 3 storage devices (Nvme, Sata SSD, hdd)

Now my monitor is a VG279QM Asus tuf gaming.

So now my issue: occasional screen flickering. I've updated all drivers and it generally goes away when I go down to 144 but I want the 240. I've already ordered a new (and gold plated) DP cable just in case the one with the monitor is faulty. I'm pretty sure that ones just a cable to the REAL problem...


So while browsing the web and light things like that, it runs fine until I open a GAME OR APPLICATION (both) then ten to 20mins in black screen, monitor is still on and will just tell me no signal. The computer on the other hand turns off and automatically restarts however all fan LEDs,(case fans, cooler, and ram) all stay lit.

I've tried everything that I know of to do but I'm not going to list any of that because I kinda want raw feedback as if it were just happening to you.

I'm personally eyeing the PSU as most other forums and threads most people say it could be that but I also bought my gpu from eBay (yes I have already confirmed it to be a legit 2080 super, so I don't think it's been tampered with. As well as benchmarking (3d marks time spy and Port Royale) however I will still be separately testing that in a friends build this weekend.

I built this last week and out the blue not sure when or how this started but OverWatch had crashed on me (more like computer restarted) after my screen was flickering for a bit then it became a constant.

I'm sorry if I sounded a bit snobby throughout the post. I'm mainly frustrated because I don't have much time (due to work and School) to really get in there and troubleshoot it. So since I can't do it until Friday I figured I'd ask the community.

Also average temps for both cpu and gpu hover around 69-71(or 2)

Thank you in advance I'm looking forward to fixing this issue. Also If it is the GPU, I still have about 20days left to return it. And I'm currently video documenting proof for the seller just in case it does end up being the gpu.