Question New here help!. A320m pro-vh pro

Mar 22, 2022
So I bought a motherboard with intentions of it only needing a power supply and graphics card. Does not support onboard graphics. Purchased both. Motherboard powers up cpu led and cooler fan. CPU debugging indicator stays lit white. If you hit the reset button 3-5 times the ram light stays lit but power off and back on its back to cpu debugging light. I know this is low end and outdated but would like to have working for a good first bigger project. Long story short. Found missing/broken components. Have removed all that were shorting the board. I have contacted msi and searched various places and can’t find what I need . I was hoping someone could tell me what components are missing or how to back trace to find resistances. Just thought maybe someone could send some hd pics or possible tell me what components are needed. I think the one next to cmos battery and lower left corner or the biggest issue as far as booting. Again I am a noob but understand pretty relative electronics. Can solder test components etc. any help is appreciated! Hope I’m poting in the correct spot. Again this is a project for my first repair/ slash build. Also ps cpu ram are all compatible and have correct voltage from power supply. Where do I go from here? The picture with the magnifying glass is at the Lowe left of the board and thinking I’m having pretty bad problems there. Potentially. I know you can refer me to a link on diagnosing have searched but still doesn’t tell me the chip I’m missing and being colorblind slightly makes it more difficult with such small resistor/compacators. If anyone has a spare laying around and had some close up pics would even do the trick and go from there. Here are some photos I’m working with. Thanks again.