New home-built computer, no HDMI signal in TV


Jan 4, 2013
Hi there. Today I finally got all my parts from newegg to build my computer, which are the following:

CPU - FX-4300
Ram - 2x4gb GSkill
Mobo - Gigabyte GA-970A-DS3
HDD - Seagate Barracuda
PSU - Rosewill 600w
GPU - Gigabyte Nvidia GTX 660
Case - Raidmax Agusta

The problem I'm having is, obviously, no HDMI signal when I plug into my tv. I'm currently using my laptop. It works perfectly fine on the same tv with the same HDMI cable in the same port. My mobo has no video output slots (that I can see). When I boot it everything seems to turn on. Maybe I'm missing something and something isn't turning on. How can I tell which parts (if any) are faulty or not on? The case fans and leds come on, the optical drive comes on, and the gpu comes on.

If anyone knows why I can't see anything that would be a big help, Thanks. PS: I don't have another monitor or dvi/vga cables.