New home PC (non gaming)


Dec 29, 2009
Okay so my dad wants a new PC to replace the P4, 1GB DDR, Geforce 4 MX system he currently has. It will be used for web surfing, watching videos and some (very) light gaming. It needs an OS and preferably a monitor though it can be bought separately if needed.

He asked me to look at 3 PCs in particular:

He isn't buying them from these sites however, I believe he is going to Currys to get them. They are priced £170, £180 and £260 respectively. I also believe they are floor models/refurbished.

I wrote off the first 2. They have an older processor and older RAM respectively. The third looks like a good deal though. I'd like to know if I'm missing something.

If you can find something better however, please let me know.

As far as monitors are concerned he has asked for me to look into this:

I aware that sometimes the quoted response time is gtg and therefore much worse than it looks at first glance. Is there a way to tell for certain? 5ms black to white would be brilliant. This is also a refurbished model going for about £60.

If you find a better monitor in the range of about £80, again, please let me know.

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