New homebuilt system shutting down :/


Nov 7, 2012
hey i really dont know where to post, and i thought posting here is the most suitable..
well probably this section is not meant for problems but ill give it a try..

My PC is 2 weeks new, i built it myself(for the first time, i may have screwed up...) and now it has shut down twice, once when i was playing Dota2, and once while i was surfing the web.

Someone told me to check the temperatures and voltages and fan speeds. I installed a program but i dont really know what to conclude.So be my guests :)
looks like might have two issues. one i dont think your cpu cooler on all the way. if it the stock plastic one the legs are a pain to get to lock in. non gaming temps should be around 35-40c stock. you can tell there and issue as your cpu fan running at it max speed. also check that you have your cpu fan plugged into the cpu fan header. most mb control the cpu fan and case fans by temp. if you dont have the fans plugged into the right port the fan may not turn off or slow down.
what i use is open hardware monitor. run it then start up prime95. if the temps shoot up past 60c and hit 70-80c then you have a cpu cooling issue. most good heat sinks will keep a cpu around the 60c under prime testing. if it not a heat issue then you may be looking at a power supply issue.