New HP Envy-3200 Switchable Graphics Help


Jun 29, 2012

I'm pretty new here - I mean, I've read posts here over the years but this is my first time actually making a post, sorry it has to be a plea for help :)

Anyway, I recently purchased and received an HP Envy-3200 laptop with switchable graphics between an Intel HD 4000 and Radeon HD 7750M. The problem mainly happen in Skyrim, I believe, but could be happening in other applications, too. In the initial menu before the game starts where you choose video options, the only card available in the Intel HD graphics. In the "switchable graphics" menu I have both the TESV launcher and TESV itself set to run on "high performance" (to use the radeon), but it seems to change nothing.



I think that it may be affecting other games as well. Even simpler games like Starcraft II suffer from framerate problems compared to what they should be getting (I mean, I imagine the card could get at least 30 FPS on lowish settings, but it's getting about 12)

I've read about certain a certain BIOS options that can change the graphics mode from dynamic to fixed, but it seems that the Envy 15-3200 series doesn't actually have that options.

Any suggestions?


Sep 12, 2012
im also pretty new and i found your post while i was looking for another problem on my envy 3200ed.
i also cant play my games on ultra mode and i have no clue what the cause could be.

I have tried to change some options in the bios but the bios is very limited...

i also have tried switching the intel had 4000 off so i would HAVE to use the radeon. but that did not work as planned.

another problem i have is when i am playing skyrim and i plugg in my headphones, i get the worst sound ever :\ i dont know if this is only me or if you have the same problem?

if nobody know how to fix this, i will send it back because, all this *** shouldnt be on a 2000 euro laptop!

(srry for bad english)