Question New HP PC with Windows 10 doesn't shut down correct but restarts or stays on instead

Jan 5, 2021
I bought a new PC for my uncle. It had no OS installed, so I installed Windows 10.

But since it doesn't shutdown correctly. Instead, it restarts to Windows or it just stays on (Power LED, Fans stay on but mouse and keyboard are off).

The PC is a HP Pavilion M01-F0230ng with Ryzen 5 3400G, 8GB RAM (I installed a second 8 GB RAM DIMM but tested also without it), 256GB M.2 NVMe.

I tried the following things:
  • Reinstall Windows 10 (20H2) several times (no change)
  • Install/Uninstall all possible Windows updates (no change)
  • Install Windows 10 (20H1) (no change)
  • Upgrade BIOS to the latest (F.30) (no change)
  • Downgrade BIOS to older Version (F.22) (no change)
  • Install Ubuntu 20.04 (only to test if it is a hardware issue, but it worked and shut down without an issue)
  • Shutdown via CMD ("shutdown -s -f -t 0" works, "shutdown -s -f -t 60" works not)
  • Disabled fast startup (no change)
Event log says (translated summary):
  • 29: 0xC000007B Windows-Error with fast startup with error code "0xC000007B"
  • 6008: System was unplanned shutdown before at xxx
  • 41: Kernal-Power: System was restarted without a proper shutdown before
I'm an IT-technician but I have no idea what else to try.
I appreciate the help of you guys.

EDIT: Not sure if it is a hardware or software issue so I hope it's ok here.
Jan 5, 2021
Had meanwhile found the error, it was the additionally installed RAM.
But the behavior was very strange and did not really match.
Memtest ran through strangely without problems.
But as soon as I had only the original RAM in it, there were no problems and as soon as the other one was additionally or only in, it came to the described problems. Additionally I noticed that the picture sometimes (rarely) went black.
The RAM bar was a new one from G.Skill with 2666Mhz, although the HP had installed a 3200Mhz RAM (instead of 2666Mhz in the data sheet), but that should not cause such problems.


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