New i7 Build Help needed picking LCD


Mar 8, 2009

I have order my new i7 system, and i got one of the GTX 285 cards.

Now I have been looking at lcds for the new computer but I am so confused I cant make my mind up.
I am looking for someone to help me pick one of these damn monitors :) I haven't been able to choose for 3 days now.

My budget is around $250 max I don't really want to spend much more than that.
I will use this monitor for gaming and also I do a little web coding.

Here are a few I am been looking at.

LG W2353V-PF Black 23"

ASUS VW246H Black 24"

SAMSUNG 2343BWX High Glossy Black 23"

SAMSUNG 2233SW High Glossy Black 21.5"

ViewSonic VX2233wm Black 21.5"

ViewSonic X Series VX2433wm Black 23.6"

Does anyone have any opionions about Acer monitors?

Also re guarding these monitors if they are 16:9 does that mean games may appear stretched? since the monitor is formatted for wide screen movies?

Thanks to everyone who can help me,



Apr 13, 2009
Most games will play well with 16:9 resolutions sizes. From what I have seen and used the Acer monitors hold up quite nice and are a good quality monitor all around.
It might not have the best color and detail, but for around $120-180 you can't complain.
If color and detail is a concern, then I'd push my budget up $20-30 and look at the Samsung monitors.