New Intel i7 build


Aug 15, 2007
Hi Iam building a new gaming rig budgets tight (2 kids and wife that lets say ,is not a saver) have 500.00 saved .been putting this build off for over a year .(dont spend much on myself) but DAMN I need a new rig ,cant play any new games I have re-played half-life 3x, half-life 2 2x,call of duty 2x, medal of honor 2x ........ok u get the picture my current pc was built 1/2003 AMD 2600+ ,1G mem corsair twin x pc 2700,asus A7n8x deluxe( 8x AGP slot ) x800xt aiw vid card 2 160gb WD hd 's in raid 0 win xp I sill cant believe what I spent putting it together anyway this is what Iam working on now trying desperately to keep cost down

Have : Antec 900 case , Antec earthwatts 650W PSU , 1TB Hitachi Deskstar 7200rpm 32m cache sata HD aft rebate paid $140.00 for all 3

OS: Windows 7 ULIMATE .......... Have

CPU: will be i7 920 or 930 for will p/u at micro center $200.00

MEMORY: need 6 GB 1600 mhz DDR3 like to stay under 169.99

MOBO: need x58 1366 min. 2x pci-e 16x slots 6 mem slots ( Iam partial to ASUS boards ) like to stay south of 199.00

VIDEO CARD: would love to go back to Nvidia card GTX 460,465 sub 200.00 if possible??

DVDRW : can find easily for 25.oo or 30.00

If I can get away for 900.00 or 950.00 TOTAL would be great................ Thanx!!!


Apr 23, 2010
I agree with gkay, lose the i7 to save money that you can then put towards the GPU which is where the real performance for gaming is gained (the i7 offers nothing over the i5 750/i5 760 in terms of gaming performance)

GTX 460 1gb is a great choice, its a bit over $200 but you can afford it if ou have gone with the i5 build. You should even have money left over to save so that you can get a second GTX 460 in the future. This rig will last you a good 3-5 years


Aug 14, 2009
Call ahead to the microcenter and see if they have any 750's left ($160), otherwise, the newer 760's are available at microcenter, but they are $190, so only $10 less than the 930. (But even with that the i5 platform is cheaper with ram and such - 4gb instead of 6gb).

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