New Intel Motherboard - Video issues


Dec 31, 2009
Hope this is in the right section:

I have/had an old Asus P4T533-C Motherboard and it finally kicked the bucket. Everything would power up (fans, etc) but I would get nothing else. No beeps from the board, no signal, no nothing; even when I removed everything from the board.

Purchased a new power supply just to verify and same thing, nothing.

Found a new Intel D850EMV2 Motherboard that would accept the P4 3.06 (northwood), RDRAM combo that I was using on the Asus.

This is where the delima starts: I installed the Intel Motherboard with only the processor, ram, power suppy, video card and keyboard to get access to the bios to verify everything was working. When I turn the power on, I get a single beep from the motherboard, all fans come on but I get nothing from the video card?

I have a Sapphire HD 3850 AGP video card that is fairly new and was working well with the Asus board.

Just for troubleshooting sake, I installed an old Asus 9800 XT card I had and same problem, nothing.

I also installed an even older Hercules 3D Prophet II Ultra (oldschool GeForce 2) with the same outcome, nothing.

I even went and purchased a cheap BFG PCI GeForce 8400 GS. Same same, nothing.

I have a new computer that I purchased within the last day and my monitor and cable work with no problems.

The reason I was to revive this old computer is to just get all the data off the hard drives. This old computer has SCSI drives and a RAID array on an Adaptec 2400a RAID card. I tried to temporarly install the Adaptec RAID card in my new system, but it conflicted with the motherboards RAID and would not boot.

I would love to hear some input and thoughts on what is going on with this Intel Board. Bad Board?

Thoughts, recommendations?

Thanks much!