Question New Internet, PC Doesn't Recognize Ethernet And Can't Log Into Microsoft Account

Dec 9, 2020
So this is a weird one, and with Cyberpunk coming out I'm incredibly frustrated.
So my PC was working fine, then we got upgraded internet, and my PC cant seem to connect to the ethernet.
The steps go as follow:
I start my PC, and my PC say "Unidentified Network: Connected", so I try to log into my Microsoft account and it says "You'll need internet for this" and I can't log in. The light on the port are yellow and blinking amber. basically I'm an idiot and didn't make my account local. I tested the ethernet on my Xbox and Laptop from every port and they work perfectly fine. I tried starting in safe mode even when I try to make another account it requires a password that I don't know because I have tried every single password I know and none of them work for some reason which is impossible because my PC is fairly new and I haven't put another password on this account.
I have tried to start from old points, uninstall updates, reinstall windows, I even tried to wipe my entire PC and Windows won't allow it. I am to the point I am going to get my SSD wiped and start anew. Any advice or tips are much appreciated because I cannot find anything for fixing this.
I'm assuming it is a driver but HOW DO I LOG IN TO DO IT LOL!?!