Question New issue of no display signal from GPU ?


Jun 12, 2018
Basically i start pc normally, use it for sometime then it crashes randomly while on excel sheet or while gaming or just on desktop, it then restarts and i can hear speaker making boot beep but there is no signal, so i tried to connect tv to motherboard and was able to see display. (This is all while my 1050ti was connected and having spinning fan)

So next step i did was reseat gpu, nope didn't work, next i tried to reseat 24pin, got into bios and it crashed.

Tried gt210, it did same thing few times, but after few tries it started to give display and was no longer crashing.

Again reseated 24pin and put 1050ti
It worked, stressed gpu using msi kombustor, gpuz render test, unigine heaven and benchmark mode as well as story mode in assassins creed Valhalla, it didn't crash, so started fortnite, after 2-3 matches it crashed, again repeated same steps, it crashed on windows loading part, after repeating reseating 24pin and gpu, it worked again, this time it worked for whole week then after 6 days it started crashing, repeated same it worked.

Now my psu is corsair vs550 so i know it can handle 1050ti easily but yup i am out of answers
So please someone help me diagnose issue.
This issue is blowing my mind now.

I have already invested heavily on this rig
Since 2016 i have had replaced motherboard, gpu, ram, psu and bought ups too in 2019.

I think it is because of motherboard but i am not sure and due to covid, service center is not open so i cannot take it there to get tested.
I want to buy new ryzen 3600/i5 10400 along with new motherboard and ram but i first want to diagnose this issue and be absolutely sure.

Gpu: Gigabyte 1050ti 4gb (bought in 2018)
Psu: corsair vs550 (bought in 2018)
Ram: 8gb hyperx 1866mhz
Cpu: amd fx6300
Mobo: gigabyte 78lmt s2 r2 (bought in 2018)