Question new keyboard combo

I think keyboards are likely the hardest things to get a recommendation on. It varies so much because of personal preferences.

I mean a $5 keyboard will likely put data into the machine just as good as a $100 one.

When you look at how many different layout and how many different types of switches are used for the keys you have way too many variables. And this is before you add in all the fancy led effects that also vary greatly between keyboards.

Used to be nice when computer stores existed and you could go and look at and touch different types of keyboards. If you have a micro center anywhere nearby they still have them out.


the issue that i have a ttesports challenger combo with membrane now some keys dont work that why i did ask for mechanical but a good membane one could do only need to have rgb on it for keys nothing fancy and to bad no micro center around my place .
Razer like most other keyboard vendors has 4 or 5 types of mechanical keys. They also sell something they call optical and have a few variations of those also. I have no idea what optical keys are. And they also sell the membrane ones.
Unless you read the specs very closely you can not even compare keyboards between vendors based on the type of key switches used.

There is a very different feel to the different kinds of mechanical switches and until you experience it is very hard to describe the difference. Some you can both hear and feel when the key makes contact. Some people like stiffer more resistant spring that other people.

This is one of those things where those dummy keyboards that have a bunch of different key types in the same keyboard are nice to be able to play with.