Question New keyboard makes PC suddenly shut down --- motherboard fault?


Apr 20, 2014
Okay, so hear me out.

I have a fairly old PC that I bought in 2013.

I've just replaced the CPU with a 650 watt bronze certified power supply:


Few days ago, I bought a keyboard to replace my old Logitech keyboard. This new keyboard is a mechanical keyboard with RGB light and some gaming stuff feature include on it. (link:

Strange things start happening with my computer after I've used this keyboard. When playing game, it would suddenly shutting down. First, I thought it was an overheat problem. But, after looking at HWMonitor data, it said that the temperature is between 50-60 celcius when playing game, meaning that it's not because of overheating.

The shutdown happened at random time, but it always happened when I'm using the keyboard. Sometimes after 5 minutes, sometimes after 15 minutes, and sometimes after 1 hour.

I tried to watch a movie overnight with the keyboard plugged in, but not used, the problem is not occurring. Only when the button on keyboard is clicked that at random times, it would instantly shut down the pc.

And, the pc won't turn on again when I press the power button. It's like, every power is really loss. And only can be turn on after I reseated the connection between power supply and the motherboard that it can be powered on again.

I tried to use my brother pc, to see if the faulty is on this new keyboard, but nothing weird happening. Playing games overnight won't make the pc shutting down on itself, not like on my pc.

Then, I tried my old keyboard, but it works fine on my pc. Tried playing a game all day, from morning to night, my pc won't turned off on itself.

I noticed something weird when I plug the keyboard on my pc vs when I plugged it in on my brother pc.

On my pc, the rgb lights look dimmer. It's not as bright as on my brother pc. As if it doesn't get enough power from my pc, even though my power supply have more wattage than my brother (mine is 650w while my brother's pc has 500w power supply)

For your information, this is the component on my pc:

Motherboard ECS H61H2-MV Socket 1155/LGA 1155
CPU i5-3470
2 HDD (1tb & 500gb)
1 SSD (256gb)
2x8gb of ram (16gb Ram)
650w power supply

From all of those component, only cpu and the motherboard that haven't been replaced since I first bought it in 2013.

So, what do you think the problem is? Was my motherboard didn't support this keyboard? Is there any bios setting that I should set to fix this problem? I really stumped and need a help :(
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