Question New laptop CPU overheating while charging and other problems


Jul 10, 2019
I bought a new laptop a month ago and I encountered a few suspicious things along the way
HP Omen (17-cb0040nr) Intel i7-9750H Processor NVIDIA RTX 2070 8 GB 16 GB RAM 256 GB SSD & 1 TB HDD Windows 10 Home
  1. My CPU temp on battery is always around 55 to 65C. When i plug in the charger it instantly goes to 90-98C. I dont even run any programs it just stays like this. When i plug it out it drops to 60C (I Bought it in the USA and use it in Croatia. i don't know if the electricity makes any difference). GPU temps are always at 40C . GPU temp never got any higher than that even when playing games
  2. I played some games with it when i got it. and as expected it ran the games very smoothly on highest settings with fps at 170. but after some time fps dropped to 100. I was searching for some solutions and i found online that if you keep it on the charger for a long time laptops will do that . so you need to unplug it and run the game on battery a little bit before plugging it back in . After i did that i got my 170fps back but i don't understand why that even happens? During games my GPU usage is like 8% while CPU goes to 80%. When doing nothing CPU usage is 45%. I just don't understand why the CPU acts so weird while the GPU runs without any problems at all
Any advice would be highly appreciated! Thanks


Mar 25, 2010
New laptop, first step is contact HP support. Although since you are in a different country that is probably going to be an issue unless you happen to know they support international use of systems. Often you need to ship the system back to the country it was purchased in.

Make sure the power adapter you have works on your electrical grid properly, compare the specs. You may need to check around to see if you need an adapter.

If you don't care about the warranty, take it apart, re-do the thermal paste with some good quality stuff (I use Noctua, cheap and close to the much more expensive stuff), make sure all fans are working, check system after that.