Question New Laptop mobo has IRST VMD Driver ready, but can't see 990 Pro SSD for fresh install Windows 11 ?

Sugar Kaine Mostly

Jun 19, 2015
Hey fellas. I can't understand why my new 2023 Asus Rog Strix G16 (G614JI-XS96) can't see my 990 Pro 2TB NVMe SSD for a fresh install. I tried loading VMD Controller drivers but the laptop can't initialize them from the folder. It loads but nothing happens and the laptop can't see the NVMe SSD ?

Is there any type of Command Prompt or protocol to enable the NVMe SSD ?

The mobo has two slots. I tried the 990 Pro on both slots but the mobo can never find the 990 Pro for fresh installs. It's driving me nuts. These are all up to date tech. Please someone help me. Thanks