Question New laptop suggestions


Dec 18, 2014
Hi there,

My missus has a ps5 and plays most games on there such as farcry, fallout, skyrim, outerworld etc but she also has a terrible old pc that she like to play sims, house flipper, the tenants etc on.

The PC is dying and she needs a replacement but has decided on a laptop instead of upgrading the desktop to play these games, I've explained that a desktop would be better if you spent the same amount of money but she's adamant, so I'm here to oblige. With a £500 budget can you suggest me a laptop that would be good to play the above and future proof for atleast 5 years to any similar games that will come out. Any higher spec games she can just get on PS5 and any that arent on there...well, tough luck.

Many thanks

- Dippy


Yeah, if the upgrade is for usability and consideration for those specific low demand games it shouldn't be impossible to find a laptop that meets that requirement. As above, you will be mostly looking into entry level stuff.

In my own case, I both have a MicroCenter nearby AND have some knowledge about swapping parts and doing some research. I mention that to say the following....

Most modern laptops have all their major components soldered in, meaning that they weren't designed to be replaced or upgraded. This was particularly common in the 13-15" realm I was looking in. In my own situation I found a well priced Dell that had a processor I could live with in an 8th gen i5, and came with a HDD and half the RAM I wanted.
I did some research to find that both the drive COULD be changed AND the RAM wasn't soldered in.
I purchased the laptop ~$400, added a stick of compatible RAM and an SSD and was out the door right at $500. It's integrated graphics would do super simple and/or older games. I have played some Soulstorm and Civilization on it....of course the latter game gets really wonky if you don't set parameters down to small map and less civs (and so forth).

I would say that the only thing I currently lack is a USB3 port. At the time I bought it I didn't really realize a need for it, and now wish I had one. Meh, it isn't a critical issue and perhaps something I can find next time around. My previous laptop was totally serviceable for me nearly 10 years and is getting good use with the person I sell it to. I can only hope this one lasts half that long in consideration.