New LCD worked and after few minutes does not.

Hi. I just got a new LCD monitor 19.5 Inch LCD Pview.
I plugged it in replacing my old CRT and it worked perfectly for a full 20 minutes. After PC went into sleep mode I cannot get it to work again.

I reattached my CRT, tried adding the screen as an extended and the PC does register that its there as a Generic PnP screen and I can move my cursor as if it were there. But ill be damned the screen says no signal.

Am I missing something or what?

My specs are :
MSI 7528 ver 1.1
Pentium duel core E5200
Biostar 9600GT
2+1GB Kingston DDR2 800MHz
550Watt coolermaster extreme power PSU.
Win 7 32-bit.

I have tried :
Using a different CRT as extended and main/only. Does not display either.
Reinstalling display driver.
Changing extended screens resolution.
Different Graphics card 9500GT MSI.
Wacking the PC once or twice...

No results...

I would appreciate any help, no matter how obvious.

PS : Just joking about wacking the PC.