Question New M.2 cloned. How to see if it is booting from that?


Nov 27, 2012
MX330-X Case
X370 Gaming Pro Carbon MB
Thermaltake - SMART 700W ATX 80 Plus Power Supply
Ryzen 7
Gamerstorm CPU Cooler
AMD Radeon rx6600
32 ddr4
WD blue 500 SSD
Sandisk 500 SSD
Intel 670P M.2 2280

I cloned operating system to my m.2 drive, but cannot determine if it is booting from that.
When in BIOS it only shows the SSD's I have installed but I cannot see the M.2. In widows, I can see the M.2.
I went in and changed the boot from Legacy+UEFI to just UEFI and it didn't load it went back to the bios. Any suggestions?