Question New Mainboard, CPU and memory

Nov 20, 2019

Guess everybody has been in the same situation before I just ordered new hardware online and wonder what should I do about my OS.
Prior to that I always did a clean wipe of the entire disk/partition that contained the OS, but now I wonder is there a simpler solution to this.
Due to the fact that I have like 200 GB of files I would have to backup and a bunch of software/programs that I would to register and configure again.
Most likely this would take a whole day if not even more, that's why I wonder is there a shorter solution that would provide the same result.
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Sep 25, 2019
Similar probs:

I could not do a clean reinstall as I have no idea where the key codes are for a lot of the software I have. I used Macrium reflect. It worked well. But you just have to make sure you initialize and format the new SSD drive before cloning onto it. Plus I had to change the bios from legacy and UEFI to just UEFI. Change boot to, to new SSD drive etc…. Then I got the dreaded BSOD and “INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE” ,message. I started in safe mode and restarted again, and it worked. Now my new SSD drive ie. “E” Drive” has OS next to it and is a exact clone of my C drive.

I believe my computer is booting from the new drive as I disabled the boot to C: drive in my bios and my computer is a 100 times faster. I tried Disk manager and it would not allow me to change the letter of my C: drive to any letter. “Parameter issue”. Problem is how do I

  • Verify my new SSD ie E: drive is the boot drive and all programs are now saving to that drive.... I just checked, everything saved to my desktop is going to my C: Drive desktop and not my E: Drive desktop.
  • How do I delete my old SATA C: drive all together or just disable to use as a backup,
  • Change my E: drive to my C: drive and have only one operating system drive to avoid any conflicts in future?
  • Is there anything else I should do?
I am using windows 10 that is updated and my SSD drive is a ADATA XPG 1TB SX8 Pro.