New MB hp recovery wont work


Sep 7, 2009
I am planning to get a new MB to take full advantage of my new duo core CPU and I have an HP, I dont think system restore will work but I have a licensed copy of windows vista that came in the restore and oem sticker on side of case. Do I have to buy aanother copy of windows or can I borrow cd from someone and install with my number on the case.



By replacing the motherboard and cpu your licence went with the old m/board to the great beyond.
You will now need a new licenced operating system, that's the bad news.
The good news is that by bying a new copy of Vista now you can get a free upgrade to Windows 7.
Make sure you buy it from a known reliable source and check the conditions that may apply, like the cost of postage, make sure any additional cost for shipping such, is reasonable and not a hidden charge to extort more money.